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Statement of MEC Fund


Statement of MEC Fund 
 As of May 31, 2009
On hand, as of January 1, 2009 (5)  3,325.00
Registration fees collected (6)        700.00
MEC expenses (7)      1,022.79
On hand, as of May 31,2009    3,002.21


Supporting Schedules:

5. MEC Fund as of January 1, 2009

This includes MEC Registration Fees from September to December 2008. The details follow:


September  1,060.00
October    1,780.00
December       485.00


6. Registration Fees Collected

These include registration and update fees collected during the various MEC Registrations in the year 2009. The details follow:


January collections 40
April collections 440
May collections 220


7. MEC Expenses

The details follows:


Photocopying 720
Supplies   302.79



  • MEC Pending Registrations Report

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