The Official Site of Children of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

What are the requirements for MEC registration?

The requirements for MEC Registration are the following:

  • Completely filled-up MEC Primer

The MEC Primer is available in all District Chapels. Please look for the District Secretary for a copy. The District Officers has the right to charge a ceiling price of P 4.00 per copy of the four-page MEC Primer.

Or if you have a computer and a printer of your own, you can download the MEC Primer from this blog site for free. Just click the following link:

 Download MEC Primer 2008

Have the MEC Primer printed, provide the necessary information and bring it with you on the day you decided to register.  

  • Clear photocopy of Certificate of Live Birth (Preferably NSO authenticated but not required)

Again, the MEC Registration Officers will surely be grateful if your Certificate of Live Birth is NSO authenticated. If not, it is all right. Also, we do not require original copy. Just a clear photocopy (in Filipino, seroks) of it. But be sure the copy you will provide is clear.

  • Clear photocopy of certificates of sacraments received (baptismal certificate, eucharist or first communion certificate, confirmation certificate, marriage contract, holy order certificate)

Please photocopy (in Filipino, i-seroks) all the certificates of sacraments you have, not just one.

  • Certificate of Attendance in Cursillo (in all levels attended)

Please photocopy (in Filipino, i-seroks) all certificates of Cursillo attendance you have. If you attended three levels of Cursillo (junior cursillo, regular or proper cursillo, cursillo delos cursillos), provide the officers with copies of each of the three certificates.

  • Registration Fee of P 20.00

Please prepare exact amount.

  • Come in modest attire for picture taking

Come in white top (white blouse for ladies and white polo shirt or t-shirt for gentlemen). Ladies are advised to bring lace veils. No one is required to come in Type A Soutane otherwise advised ahead of time.



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