The Official Site of Children of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

What is MEC?

MEC Logo

The Milagrosan Electronic Census or MEC is the official and highly confidential census of COLMM. 

MEC is powered by the Organization’s Executive Secretary (ES), Executive Assistant Secretaries (EAS) and the Executive Public Information Officers (EPIO) together with the District Secretaries (DS), District Assistant Secretaries (DAS) and the District Public Information Officers (DPIO). MEC shall be the authority in declaring the official census of auxiliaries in the Diocese of the Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.


We envisioned the Milagrosan Electronic Census (MEC) to be ultimately computerized, extensive, quarterly updated, accessible and more reliable database of information about the current and alumni members of Children of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (COLMM) thus, the forerunner of membership computerization and census in Apostolic Catholic Church (ACC).


To achieve our vision for MEC, we will invest on computer hardware and software; lauch an information campaign about the MEC; mobilize our DS, DAS and DPIO for the quarterly update purposes; create MEC forms; and, pursue an in-depth study on the data gathered through MEC (MEC Statistics).


  1. MEC Form One.
  2. MEC Primer
  3. ODML
  4. OTML
  5. MSIS
  6. MEC Registration Protocol



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