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How to register in MEC?

Auxiliaries and Alumni Auxiliaries who wish to register in MEC shall undergo 2 stages of registration and these are the (1) pre-registration process and (2) registration proper. This registration process is called the MEC Registration Protocol.

  • Pre-registration Process   
  1. Anyone who wishes to register in MEC must comply with the requirements (at least 50% of the requirements must be satisfied for a candidate to qualify for registration).
  2. Once a candidate complied with the requirements and qualified for registration, the member will present his/her requirements to his/her District Chairman (DC). The DC will check the validity of the candidate’s entries in his/her MEC Primer and the authenticity of the certificates submitted by the candidate. The DC will write in the candidate’s MEC Primer ENDORSED then sign. The candidate will keep his/her requirements until the scheduled MEC Registration.
  3. After validation, the member will wait for the scheduled MEC Registration. During the period of wait for the MEC Registration, the candidate has a membership status of pending registration.
  • Registration Proper   
  1. At the MEC Registration, the candidate will pay the registration fee of P 20.00 at the Executive Treasurer’s (ET) desk. The candidate will be asked to write and sign in the MEC Journal and will be given a receipt.
  2. The candidate will then proceed to the Executive Secretary’s (ES) desk and submit his/her MEC requirements and present his/her receipt. Having no objections to the candidate’s registration will write REGISTER, the candidate’s lifetime registration number and sign at the back of the candidate’s receipt. Also, the ES will ask the candidate to record his/her registration number in the MEC Master List. The ES will keep the MEC requirements submitted by the candidate and will file it accordingly.
  3. The candidate will proceed to the Executive PIO (EPIO) for the digital picture taking. After the picture was taken, the EPIO will write in the candidate’s receipt the shot number then sign. The member will also sign in the MEC Shots List.
  4. The member will proceed to the Executive Chairman and Executive Vice Chairman–Internal for the Screening and MEC Membership Status assignment. After this step, the MEC Registration is complete.

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