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Could You Guard this Post?


I realized now that being a Christian is not just a label that we can simply identify ourselves from others, but it is a name that we should live in by work and by heart.

I first saw this Audio Visual Presentation from the YCC seminar last Sunday, and honestly, it made me cry. Tinawanan pa nga ako ni Kuya GR dahil nakita niya ako. But I really felt something inside me na kakaiba yung feeling. And I want to share three important realizations that I gained from this.

First, it is our duly obligation to obey what God have asked us to do. Sa first part, makikita na God put someone on the post represented by a cross with an arrow at the top which leads the passersby to the right path. Nung una, ang naisip ko agad ay ganito, “Ah, leader kasi ako. I should guard the post that God has given me. Kailangan ako ang magpastol dun sa mga tupang ipinagkatiwala niya. I am not a District chairman anymore rather; i headed a bigger community now.” Tapos. After that, naisip ko, parang mali. Bakit ako lang, or bakit kaming mga leaders lang? Bakit para sa mga officers lang? Then I realized that it is not exclusive to the leaders per se but to all of us. Para sa atin itong lahat na mga pinagkatiwalaan ni God mula nung mabasbasan tayo. Simple lang. Makagapas tayo. Sa palagay ko, aagree tayong lahat na kagaya nung bata na naglead ng way sa iba, dapat maging leaders din tayo para sa lahat.

Tama, bata talaga yung tingin ko dun sa naka green shirt na may tatlong buhok and that was my second grasp. Bata talaga yung unang pumasok sa isip ko nung nakita ko siya. In my opinion, kaya bata yung nagbabantay nung post kasi  kahit bata pa tayo, we have the capability to lead. Hindi naman tayo bibigyan ng responsibility na hindi natin kaya diba? And I as I have mentioned, hindi lang execs o officers natin ang accountable dito. All of us should take the lead.

Lastly, hindi madali ang duty natin as a Christian not because it is difficult for us to do our duty but it is challenging to be called as one. Simple lang, along the way, we have our own struggles na madalas, nagiging hindrance sa responsibilities natin. Often times, these problems make us weak and tired of being what we are. Personally, ilang beses na din akong kinabog ng madaming adversaries and temptations. And I tell you, hindi siya madali lalo na sa sitwasyon nating mga tinatakan. But the realization does not end there. If I haven’t encountered all those things, I believe I won’t still be here from where I am now. Sabihin na lang natin na part siya ng buhay natin para matuto at maging matatag. In the end, the reward is worth the wait; to be with our Creator’s arms forever. Diba masaya yun pagnagkataon?

Thank you to YCC for inviting all of us to cleanse ourselves once in a while and reminding us about our duties as a leader, as an auxiliary and a Christian as a whole. The seminar took so long but it is commendable to be there.

This is not supposed to be my first post. I am still working on another post and it seems that it is not really different from this one so let me post this first. Para na din siyang prelude. Abangan. 😀

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