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Your T.I.M.E. Obligation as a Leader

The question keeps on ringing on my mind. Thanks Hija Jessica for bothering me with this question. 🙂

I am a good leader. Easier said than done. But HOW can I BE A GOOD LEADER?

Let me give you my T.I.M.E springboard. This has no spiritual approach yet. I’ll post another one with a spiritual approach. This has been my outline for the past 10 years.

T– is for the TOUCH THERAPY. Remember, touch creates a magic that boost people’s morale.

  • find the right way and the right time to touch
  • when was the last time you pat someone on the back and said to him or her, “you can do it!” ?
  • when was your last genuine handshake with someone?

I– stands for INSPIRATION. You are called to energize people around you.

  • have you explicitly expressed what they are doing is important and meaningful?

Mmeans MOTIVATION. People need something to look forward to or to look up to.

  • have you given them trainings?
  • did you let them attend seminars?
  • have you rewarded them for doing a great job?
  • when was the last time you shared your life changing experiences?

E– is ENCOURAGEMENT. Sometimes, people just need some encouragement.

  • when was the last time you sat with them and shared stories over a cup of coffee?
  • have you told them already what they are doing right and you definitely love being with them and working with them?

So I dare post a question today: When was the last time you gave your T.I.M.E to those who need it?

Lead everyone and give your TIME today.

2 responses

  1. hija Elica

    ahm ..,
    kuya thanks sa
    pag post mo nyan
    kasi super
    makakatulong yan
    sa amin higit sa
    aming mga
    new leaders …

    June 14, 2010 at 3:45 pm

  2. hijamichaella

    thanks for a great T.I.M.E. reminder.
    i’ve been a leader for quite long time now;
    from school to work, to orgs, to church, but still, i lack some of those written above that surely can help what is to be a leader.
    i believe i must take note of this TIME obligation all the time. 🙂

    5 stars. *****

    May 28, 2010 at 12:25 am

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